Three ADHD-superpowers

When I wrote the below blog, I thought it would be a great idea to start with a disclaimer, or more something like a clarification. I am not suggesting. That Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a gift. I’m not saying suggesting that it’s wonderful to live to have it…

I’m also not suggesting that you should be happy with the focus, attention, restlessness, distraction, memory, emotion regulation problems. The last D in ADHD means Disorder, because it can fuck up your career, marriage, parenting skills and even your dreams. The struggle is real. However, we should also be able to name the benefits that come with this disorder. It’s not all bad right, some things can come to our advantage.

So enough with the disclaimer. I strongly believe that we can break the stigmas for every mental illness by removing the disorder and naming the benefits. And there are some potentiaal strengths that come with ADHD. In no particular order, here are three ADHD superpowers!

1.    Hyper-focus

When people with ADHD get in the “zone”, when they get the “flow” going they will get super-focused. Instead of drifting off in thoughts or day dreaming they will be so focused on the job at hand that they will forget everything around them. However, it can be hard to get in the “zone”. The inspiration for this blog has been there for a while… But it took me a while to get focused on it. But when the focus arrives writing becomes easy.

2.    Crisis Situations

When something goes boom, like an accident, crisis a disaster it’s easy to get your brain overloaded. But in a recent study it has been found that in a 911 situation our ADHD brain doesn’t go in overload modus. No, our brain becomes normal. So, in a crisis situation you should turn to your local ADHD person. We can become totally calm and have our thoughts under control within seconds. However, this also comes with a downside. When life is calm and under control it can feel like a crisis for the person with ADHD.

3.    Details

One of the symptoms of ADHD is that our brain doesn’t filter down all the incoming sights, sounds, tastes and smells. This is a huge downside and make it easy to become overloaded by the input signals. But when we look at the upside. Our brain lets in a lot of things that other people think that are irrelevant. It’s nothing new that people with ADHD did see, hear or feel that small details that other people missed. This can be very useful in many jobs, or in everyday situations.

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