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Not that long ago I traveled to Denmark for an training. During this visit, I stayed in Hotel Koldingfjord. This hotel is located on a fjord near the town Kolding. Below you will find my review of this hotel. If you stayed in this hotel and have the same opinion or a completely different one please let me know in the comments.


Hotel Koldingfjord is located on a fjord near the city of Kolding. Their goes a bus directly to the hotel, however, this would take you about two hours. A trip by car would be around 40 minutes. We traveled by Taxi, and this was around 50 euro. The hotel complex is huge, and I mean really huge. There are multiple buildings and all buildings are interconnected under the ground. The reception area is a huge space with only three desks. This gives a bit of an overwhelming feeling.


From 1911 to 1960 the buildings functioned as a sanatorium for children with tuberculosis and were thus an important player in the fight against this fearful widespread disease. This also mends that this hotel was the first real sanatorium build in Denmark. The buildings had different functions. Originally, there was an outdoor dormitory in the spot where the terrace is currently located. The kitchen, children and staff dining room, area for light baths and woodwork shop were placed where the conference facilities are now. The current reception area used to be a large sitting room, while the 100s-hallway contained rooms for the doctors, x-ray facilities and large sick rooms. On the first floor, there were small rooms in the middle and sick rooms on each side. The uppermost floor, which had an operating room and dental clinic in the middle, also had sick rooms on each side.

Behind the main building in the building where the Magnolia and Beech Rooms are located, there was originally a gymnasium and boiler room, while the side buildings are known today as Dagmars Palace and Christians Palace were used as a boarding school and office. After 1960, the buildings were taken over by an association for the mentally handicapped in the municipality of Vejle. From 1983 to 1987 most of the buildings remained empty until a company called Nurses Real Estate Ltd. purchased the buildings with the intention of creating a modern hotel and conference center, thus 1983 marks the end of an era and use of the site as a sanatorium.

From 1988 to 1990 the listed buildings were renovated and modified. On the inside, the property has been completely renovated, modernized and equipped with everything a modern hotel and conference center requires. Work was completed on 1 May 1990 and the property opened with the name Hotel Koldingfjord.

Hotel Koldingfjord

The hotel looks like an old building, but the interior is a mix of older aspects with a modern touch. The hotel looks very nice from the inside. However there are a lot of big spaces with nothing there, it really gives that overwhelming feeling I already mentioned. After the check-in, I went to my room. This was a large one person room. The big spaces they have in the whole hotel continue in the hotel room. It’s a huge room, with a desk, single bed, chair, television and still enough space to move.
Hotel Koldingfjord - Burger
After unpacking my stuff I went to my travel mates and we continued to the restaurant for some food. There is a restaurant located in the center of the hotel. This restaurant is two floors down, so you will think you will end up in the basement but from the restaurant, you have a beautiful view of the Fjord the hotel is located on. The restaurant is huge but was totally full. There was only some space left near the bar, but that was still a fine location.

In the restaurant, they advised us to take a burger and a beer. The waiter came back with the nice cold beer pretty quick, and the burgers took about 15 minutes to prepare. Like almost everything, the burger was huge for a very small price. It was a really good burger for the price, and they placed the bill on the room number, so there was no need to walk around with cash. Located next to the restaurant there was a room with a PlayStation so we played some Fifa and some table football. After that, we went to our rooms to sleep.

The next morning we woke up and used the breakfast buffet, this included all kinds of cultural foods. It doesn’t really matter what you like they had it. Do you want eggs? They had it in four different ways. There was stuff that was from Denmark originally, but also all kinds of drinks, and Dutch cheese. It was the best breakfast I had in a while.

The hotel also has a gym and a swimming pool, but they were closed for renovation, this wasn’t communicated before so this was a bit of a disappointment.



The Hotel Koldingfjord had a very nice and young staff. Most of the staff are young beautiful blonde girls, that are definitely not recruited on the looks, as they were very able to answer most questions. Everybody in the hotel speaks very well English and German. They are all smiling and happy. This makes it a really nice to speak with the people. We needed a taxi a couple of times and were helped very nicely and very quickly.


My conclusion about Hotel Koldingfjord is easy. The hotel is beautiful and has a great staff. While it was unlucky that the swimming pool and gym were closed, it was nice to play Fifa on the game station. All the rooms are massive in the hotel, and this made you feel small. Maybe redecorating some parts would give the hotel a more cosey feeling. However, I would surely return there as I liked my stay there. And the costs for the 2 nights stay was less than 250 euro.


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