The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference is over

I have spent the last three days in Munich, as you may have noticed by my tweets and or Instagram: I was attending the GPU Technology Congress hosted by NVIDIA. While the event still continues tomorrow, I am now on a plane back to The Netherlands.

I must say the organization of this event was superb. The NVIDIA people where all so nice and helpful and the talks I attended where very interesting. The keynote with the presentation of the Holodeck really opened my eyes. It showed so much possibilities in the future, not only for design and development. But I see this in our every day life in the near future.

The talk of Jean-Loup Loyer from L’Oréal was really interesting to. I would have expected an electrical hair-brush that communicates with a smartphone. When this talk showed on the program I was like nah, this would-be nonsense. But the idea that a hairbrush with app could really benefit from machine learning and so giving advice to the owner of the brush is awesome. That Jean-Loup honestly said that the idea is also to make more money by selling higher priced products based on the intel the hairbrush provides makes total sense to.

I spoke with a lot of people, saw a lot of things. I will blog about a lot of things in the near future also. But this event was eye opening. I saw things that we can do with AI and VR that sounded like science-fiction before attending. It has been awesome.

NVIDIA thanks for having me!

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