Mike Shinoda releases two new songs (review)

Mike Shinoda

Linkin Park co-lead singer Mike Shinoda has announced today that he will be releasing a 16 song album titled Post Traumatic. This album will be released June 15. A while ago Mike Shinoda already released three numbers from this album on Spotify and Youtube. Today he released two new songs: Nothing Makes Sense Anymore and Crossing a Line. You can find both songs on the bottom of this post. Let me know what you think about the songs in the comments.

Post Traumatic

With the 5 songs that are already released, we can clearly notice that the album is very much inspired by the dead of Linkin Park co-lead singer Chester Bennington. Therefore I was expecting some songs full of grief and darkness, but Mike Shinoda takes us on a journey out of grief and darkness. The sound of the album kind of reminds me of the Linkin Park period of A Thousand Suns, where we got a bit more of the electronic sound. This album of Linkin Park had to grow on me a little bit, but at the end, I really liked the album. The songs on Post Traumatic kind of do the same. The album is kind of on the line of Pop and Alternative.

Crossing a Line

Crossing the line is a bit catchier then Nothing Make Sense Anymore. And I am sure that Mike Shinoda wasn’t really intending to make any catchy songs on this album, the sound just seems to get stuck in your head. During the chorus, we hear some nice guitars, and this is a nice supplement on the voice of Mike Shinoda. During the song, we can kind of hear in his voice and lyrics that he is obviously confused.

Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

In the Nothing Make Sense Anymore it kind of feels that Mike Shinoda is even more confused than in Crossing a Line. But the video clip and the lyrics of this song clearly describes the emotions he was facing the last couple of months. And it seems that he is referring that the loss of his friend Chester Bennington kind of opened his life for his demons while facing the emoting that came by the tragic loss and now Nothing Makes Sense Anymore.


When we place the two songs next to each other I think that I like Crossing a Line more as a song, while I believe the clip for Nothing Makes Sense Anymore is better. But both the songs make me really want to hear the upcoming album.



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