My Leffe Ruby review

Leffe Ruby

The small country named Belgium is famous for a few things. They have good chocolate, two languages so you never know what to speak where… And very good beers. Sure, they will have more good things… But I love beer, and chocolate. So when I saw Leffe Ruby in France, I needed to try it out.

Leffe Ruby

Leffe Ruby

During my recent Paris trip, I saw a beer I didn’t see in the Netherlands before: Leffe Ruby. Since the weather was pretty good, I decided to try this fruity beer. The beer itself looks pretty on the pour. The beer has a nice dark ruby color and the smell is very fruity. The first thing you smell are the raspberries, maybe even too much raspberries.

The taste is a pleasant surprise, the fruity flavors that are in the smell are also in the taste. But the malt is stronger and nicely balance the total experience. The bad thing is that Leffe Ruby feels very light in the mouth. It doesn’t really taste like a beer, it could pass itself off as a fruity soda or a cider.


If you like beer, this isn’t really the beer you want to drink. Maybe this beer can help if you are trying to make a Cider lover taste beer. Maybe the only reason to try this beer would be because you want to try out the whole Leffe range. According to the guy at the tap, it would taste great with cheese. The pub didn’t had cheese, so couldn’t confirm this. So maybe it’s really a nice beer with cheese. If so? Let me know in the comments.

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