My review of the Ibis Styles Hotel: Paris Saint Denis Plaine

During my 14-day trip to Paris I was staying in the Ibis Styles Hotel: Paris Saint Denis Plaine. How I experienced the hotel is described below. If you don’t share the same opinion, let me know in the comment below.


The hotel is situated in Saint Denis, this is in the northern suburbs of Paris. The hotel is located about 9.4 km (5.8 miles) from downtown Paris. It’s easy to get to Paris, the nearest subway station is a 5-minute walk. The train station is also a 5-minute walk, so it’s easy to get around. On the internet, there are a lot of messages saying that the St-Denis suburb isn’t the place you want to go… I have spent 14 days here, being on the street at day, evening and night every time alone. At none of the 14 days I didn’t feel safe, or felt uncomfortable. I can’t say the same about some other area’s off Paris city.

Ibis Styles Hotel: Paris Saint Denis Plaine

The hotel is a bit outdated. Yes it uses bright Ibis Style colors but the whole feel of the hotel is old. The hallways of this hotel are quite dark. After you pass the reception you walk into the darkness. This starts when you get in the elevator until the moment you enter your room there are no windows at all. All lights go on automatically, but this will only happen if you are 8 steps in the hallway. This means you continuously walk in a dark hallway.

The promises the hotel makes aren’t true either. I found out that none of the staff speaks English, not even a little bit. The 24/7 bar isn’t there, yes there is a bar but it was “broken”. Sure, things can break down. But I was there for 14 days! And the whole time it was broken. You can buy a hamburger and cheeseburger in the hotel, but those come straight out of the microwave, while you pay 8 euro.

The rooms in the hotel are quite small. They don’t have a fridge or ways to make coffee or tea. Instead you can go downstairs to the reception desk and get your coffee for free, but do note that this is instant coffee. And surely, I would rather pay for good coffee then get bad coffee for free. But as this hotel has no way of providing lunch, dinner or even drinks it will mean you need to go out every day to get your stuff. That is not a big problem, there are a lot of nice places in the same street. But it still sucks you need to go out for your coffee.


The Ibis Styles Hotel: Paris Saint Denis Plaine staff doesn’t speak English, but they are nice. They will try to help you with your requests, but it was difficult at some points as I don’t speak French very well, and their English was worse. I did notice during my whole stay that housekeeping doesn’t understand the do not disturb sign. After I went to the Eiffel tower; and returned to the hotel at 02:00 I decided to sleep a bit longer, and the staff start knocking on the door at 11:00 for the cleaning. The same happened twice at 10:00. And once when I returned to the hotel during lunch (13:00) housekeeping just came in while the sign was on the door. As this happened four time, I kind of believe this is normal in this hotel? Once can be an incident, twice maybe also. But that many time? That starting to get normal.


Here is my conclusion about the Ibis Styles Hotel: Paris Saint Denis Plaine. The rooms are a bit small, and the hotel is a bit old and dark. But if you only need to stay for one or maybe two night by yourself then its an OK hotel. Just make sure you speak the language. If you are with two people, or two and a kid then I wouldn’t recommend to book this hotel. The rooms are way to small. If you are going to stay there for a longer time like me, the room will feel claustrophobic since there is not a lot of space to move, or work. It’s a bad thing that the hotel is promoting things that they don’t have, there is no 24 hours bar, and the coffee sucks. Daily fresh water? Yes, you get fresh water (0.5l) every Monday. It would have been nice if they had been honest about what they have, and don’t have.

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