Holiday Inn Munich – City Centre review

I was invited to the NVIDIA GPU Technical Conference in Munich. During this visit I stayed in the Holiday Inn Munich – City Centre. How I experience the hotel is described below. If you don’t share the same opinion let me know in the comments below. If you do share the same opinion I would love to hear it also.


The hotel is situated near the city center of Munich. The hotel is very easy to reach by public transport and has a big parking garage. Since you are already close to the city center its easy to just take a walk and see the city. The hotel is almost build on top of an subway station. So if you don’t really like to walk, you can take the subway without any big problems. Since I was there for a conference I didn’t really had time to go “be a tourist”. But in the short moments of spare time it was easy to see some of the city.

Holiday Inn Munich – City Centre

The hotel looks fresh and modern. When you enter the hotel you will see a massive open space. In this space you will find the bar on the left, and the reception on the right. From the first moment you walk in you will notice the modern feel of the hotel. After the check-in you can go to one of the four elevators that will bring you to your floor. When you enter your room, and I had a basic room… You will notice the massive amount of space.


The room’s have a two person bed, a bathroom with a big bath so nothing to complain about there. but the room also have two closets for your clothing, a minibar and a desk to work on. If that wouldn’t be enough there is also a table and a chair to relax a bit. So there is enough space to not become claustrophobic. The view from my hotel room was an construction site. But that would be the only negative thing I could think about.


When you book a room in this hotel it comes with breakfast. And this was the best breakfast I saw in an hotel ever. There is a lot of choices of almost everything. There are multiple sorts of bread, but there is also an English breakfast with toast. If you rather just have milk, no problem either. like I said, possible the best hotel breakfast I ever had.


The Holiday Inn Munich – City Centre has a very nice and young staff. They seem to be very friendly and helpful. While I do speak a bit German, they speak very good English. The staff of the baris very nice and good for a laugh. At basically every question you ask them (hotel related, or totally something different) they will try to help you the best that they can. And that really gives the staff of this hotel bonus point. If you are the manager of the hotel, and you are reading this? You should give each and every one of them a raise.


Here is my conclusion about the Holiday Inn Munich – City Centre. The hotel is nice and modern looking. The bar servers all kinds of drinks, and the people are nice. The hotel doesn’t really feel like an hotel. This due the massive amount of space you have around you. I really enjoyed my stay here, and if I would visit Munich again this hotel would be on the top of my list.

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