Hello! You’re probably here because you want to talk to Pel Laurens. There are a couple of ways to get in touch with Pel Laurens.


I love email, I really do. But the volume of incoming messages is somewhere between Zero and Santa Claus. I do my best to read and reply to every email I get. I archive my emails as to-do, done or not interesting. Realistically you will either get an answer right away or in a couple of months. Oh one more thing, if you keep re-sending the same email over and over again you will get an answer somewhere between never and ever. So please be patient.

You can email me directly by clicking on this link. Or send it to:



I’m active on Twitter, so drop me a tweet! (@pellaurens)


I’m active on Facebook, so drop me a private message!

Other forms of contact

Haven’t found what you are searching for yet? Other forms of communication, including carrier pigeons , Semaphore Flag Signals and Smoke signals,  seem to be less reliable these days. Feel free to use them, but I would stick to the above ways just to be on the safe side.