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This week I’m in Munich on the GPU Technology conference hosted by NVIDIA. Here the guys at NVIDIA showcased the new Holodeck program. When I heard about this program it made me think about Star Trek. But when they showed it… It made me even more feel like Star Trek. Now I will not go in to much of the details about this program. However I do think it would be a great tool that would completely change the way we can collaborate online.


Online Meetings

At my time with Hewlett Packard Enterprise I had a lot of meetings, with a lot of people around the world. The big problem I noticed with those meetings is the technique used. During a phone conference you can’t show anything, if you use a power point presentation you always want to show something that wasn’t on the slides. The Holodeck would fix those problems. The tool is currently made for developers en designers, but thinking further then that I believe this could benefit almost everybody that is involved in online meetings.


NVIDIA says the following about Holodeck: Product designers, application developers, architects and other 3D content creators who access NVIDIA Holodeck can:

  1. Render large and highly detailed models photo realistically, in real time, at life-like scale. Designers can save significant time focusing on their designs instead of simplifying complex models to achieve a smooth experience in VR.
  2. Create and interact with people, robots and objects in a physically simulated environment.
  3. Collaborate naturally and in real time in the same virtual space. Even globally dispersed teams can explore and review the same model together to bring better products to market, faster.
  4. Enhance workflows with AI-powered simulation tools. Intelligent machines can be deployed and trained in Holodeck’s realistic simulated environments. Intelligence can then be transferred between the virtual and real worlds, so machines can be deployed more safely, quickly and cost-effectively.


This technique makes it possible for multiple people in different rooms to work together online in one virtual room. Since this room is fully in VR, it will be easy to adjust it in the way you need it at that moment. If you want to show something to the other people in the meeting? You just upload the CAD drawing and you can show it as a full model, or in parts. Everything you do all other people will see it in real time. It makes it possible to point to something, or highlight a specific part for everybody in the room. While also being able to see everybody in currently in the room. This means you won’t only have audio, now you will be able to see body languages also… And this is the part we currently miss in online meetings.


As said currently the systems is being developed for developers and designers, but I can strongly see the technique be used in a later stadium for all online meetings instead of the power-point presentations. Sure, this will not happen within the next year but I think it would be a realistic option for online meetings in a few years. What do you think? Let it me know in the comments.

Read more about Holodeck on the NVIDIA blog. 

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